How does it work?
    It’s really very simple! You choose the plan based on the age of your cat and then subscribe monthly. No annual contracts or commitments, and you can cancel at any time.  If your subscription is active, so is your coverage.
    Why should I choose Purrplan over other companies?
    We’re different than the rest! We don’t follow the norms; we set them. We're part of the new economy, which means we move faster, make decisions faster, and have less red tape bogging down the process. We have no one to report back to but ourselves, which means that we can focus exclusively on you (the catsumer) and what you want, instead of focusing on hitting targets to keep big corporate investors happy. 

    Why exclusively cats?
    Cat’s rule and dogs drool! JK. To be honest, dogs tend to have much higher health costs than cats and most other programs use the income from cat customers to reduce the cost of dogs. After all, when's the last time you saw a cat chasing a car?
    Couldn’t I just put money aside every month to save for unexpected veterinary costs?
    You could, but it would take you over 16 years to save enough money for the limit of protection that the program provides. We give your cat that protection every year.


    If my cat is young and healthy, do I need protection?
    Coverage does not extend to any conditions your cat may have prior to enrollment. Therefore, in order to benefit from the best protection, it is best to subscribe while your cat is in good health.
    What can affect my monthly cost?
    Nothing will ever change your monthly cost.
    Will you drop my coverage if my cat gets old or sick?
    No! We are here for your cat's entire life, and our protection is here to help when your cat becomes sick.
    Which veterinarian can I go to?
    We would expect that you go to the Veterinarian you would normally visit but we are more than happy to recommend one in your area if necessary.
    Are alternative therapies covered?
    Yes! Several alternative or complementary therapies are covered provided they are prescribed by your veterinarian.
    Are regular veterinary check-ups required to maintain my cat’s coverage?
    While check-ups are not mandatory we do recommend an annual visit for optimum health.
    When does coverage begin?
    Coverage begins almost immediately, accidental injury coverage begins 48 hours after enrollment and sickness begins 7 days after enrollment.  These waiting periods are to ensure coverage is not provided for conditions existing prior to enrollment.

    What counts as an accidental injury?
    An accidental injury is a sudden occurrence causing bodily harm such as a fall, vehicle accident, or accidental poisoning as some examples.

    What counts as an illness?
    Any change in your cat's usual state of health or any sickness, disease, defects and abnormalities, including defects and abnormalities your cat was born with.
    What if my cat has a pre-existing condition?
    As mentioned previously, we do not accept or cover any vet fees for any pre-existing conditions, however that does not mean you cannot enroll your cat for protection against anything else that could happen.

    How do I make a claim?
    It’s very simple, go to our claims app at www.purrplan.healthcare and complete the claim form as prompted. One of our Vet techs will review and approve all eligible claims within 24 hours.
    How Is a claim paid? 
    We reimburse our customers directly.  You pay your bill to the veterinarian and we reimburse you through e-transfer.


    How long do I have to file a claim?
    You have 30 days from the initial visit to your veterinarian to file a claim regardless of whether the treatment for your cat has been completed.