At Purrplan, our main focus is on keeping costs low for our customers, but in order to do that, it takes more than just one cat at the table. Rather than spend money on advertising to make sure that we get new customers we'd rather pay you, our beloved catsumer, instead.  
So, we offer a referral program to our customers to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be purr-tected! You receive $10 for every successful human customer referral and, of course, referred friends will receive a free 30 day trial for every kitty they enroll. Following your subscription, you will receive a unique code to share on all your social media outlets, which will let you and your friends receive the benefits of this awesome deal! Earnings will be applied to your account balance, which will then be used towards your next payment automatically. 


So, go out and do us proud! Refer your friends, family and paw-pals. In doing so, we can keep our coverage costs low and purrtect your loved ones. We're counting on you to help spread the word and effect pawsitive change.