9 Lives Senior (10+ years)
$ 11.99
Older cats still love to cuddle up and play like kittens. However, just like the rest of us, as they age they are more susceptible to accidents, chronic conditions and illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis to name a few. Enrolling your cat before diagnosis means you won't have to worry about those later-in-life ailments. For this reason, we are offering the '9 Lives Senior' plan to our more mature and seasoned cats, aged 10 and older. Coverage is all encompassing and covers your cat from nose to tail. Our coverage plan reimburses you based on your actual veterinary bill and covers accidents, injuries, illnesses, emergencies, alternative therapies and much more. There is a $99 deductible (taxes included) per claim and a limit of $1,999 (plus taxes) every 12 months.