Umbrella Protection
$ 99.00
Our Umbrella Protection Plan offers you extra coverage to save for a rainy day. For an annual subscription of $99, you will receive an additional $1,999 in coverage which is added to your annual limit on your normal subscription. This means, you could have a total of $3,999 in coverage (or more if you bought more than one!). The additional coverage through the Umbrella Protection Plan can be used towards euthanasia costs, which is currently excluded on our regular plans. Additionally, deductibles are waived on ALL claims for people who have the Umbrella Protection plan!

With the Umbrella Coverage plan, you are able to top up the limit for your regular subscription, and restore your coverage limits until your annual limit resets. If you have more than one cat covered, you can use the umbrella coverage on any of them, so there's no need to buy one for each cat (unless you want to!). So, go ahead - relax and have a cat nap. You can sleep easy knowing that there’s extra coverage available should your beloved fur-baby get injured or sick. When it comes to accidental injuries and illnesses, vet bills can add up quickly! One large claim could exceed your annual limit, and then your cat would be left without purr-tection for the remainder of the year. But don’t fret my pet – we’ve got you covered…with an umbrella!